Hyperreal Paintings by Diego Gravinese

While working tonight on several of my web based projects I decided to take a moment to browse a couple of my favorite sites and blogs, this always helps me to clear my mind and inspire my imagination.

This evening I decided to point my browser towards and what I found was quite special, they had a small feature on artist Diego Gravinese who specializes in creating the “Hyperreal” and by “Hyperreal” I mean amazing oil and acrylic paintings replicating photographic scenes.

His work is mesmerizing (in my opinion) he’s able to take real life and in some cases what some might call “mundane” moments and create something quite captivating and compelling.

I’ve included a few of my favorite pieces in this post but for more info on Diego check out his site but be warned in advance you may come across the occasional piece containing a “Hyperreal” scantily clad woman! lol

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