While browsing the internet this evening I came across a great collection of short web documentaries by The trailer attached to this post grabbed my attention from the get go, it’s well put together and captivating in it’s presentation.

I was intrigued to know more about this series, what was this all about? from their website they describe themselves as the following:

INFLUENCERS is a short documentary on how trends & creativity become contagious. The film is a polaroïd snapshot of the campaigns, artists, creators and bloggers who are shaping today’s pop culture. The aim is to show the mechanisms behind successful concepts/ideas and why some trends and messages spread massively.

I highly recommend that you checkout this short trailer, if it grabs your attention you can view the full video on vimeo here and if you become hooked as I did there is a whole slew of videos from this group that should have no trouble grabbing your attention.

You can also checkout their website and their facebook for the latest videos

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