Top Dead Center

Top Dead Center or “TDC” is a Spartanburg based automotive performance shop that has built a nationwide reputation on the success and diversity of their custom car projects. From parts sales and installation to complete motor swaps and in-house fabrication TDC covers it all.

The TDC team came to Launch83 with an interesting problem they had a website, they had tons of great content but their site was built on a terrible platform that did nothing to let the online world know about them or their content. They had no SEO, no sitemaps, no image tags, nothing! but due to the strength of their brick and mortar business they continued to grow.

So the goal was set, get the site transfered over to a newly designed wordpress based site and optimize the heck out of all this great content that they have.

One thing we always tell our clients is that “Content Is King” you can have the best looking website in the world but there is just no substitute for well optimized content when it comes to visibility online and the TDC Team had no shortage of content.

We took they’re company color scheme, freshened up their logo and built them this incredibility clean and functional portable to display all of their exciting projects to the world.

The results speak for them self, the site is a massive success with their customers and online hits and traffic are growing exponentially, not to mention that online customer interaction is at an all time high.

We would like to thank TDC for this very exciting project, we got to have a great deal of fun with their entire team and we look forward to continuing to do business together.

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